Thursday, July 19

Face Angle of Driver at natural lie and at address

It is worthwhile to notice that there are varied differences in Face Angle of Drivers when they naturally lie on the ground at address.  Some club may have Closed angle and other may have very neutral.  Most of modern drivers have somewhat closed face angle when they are lying on the ground. 

For Driver, handle would be positioned slightly behind the club head when addressing the ball to promote hitting the ball at upswing. 

This is when some conflict can happen between natural grip and club face.  In other words, golfer may have to intentionally rotate grip a little bit to the right (especially when Driver has Closed face angle at natural lie) to make Club Face square to the ball.  This would be a very delicate extra effort on grip, but this could also be a source of less-perfect hit (or club face not perfectly square at the time of impact).  In this case then, it would be better to choose Driver with neutral face angle. 

 Author recently noticed that Driver on the market has more or less neutral Face Angle rather than Closed Face angle.  Please remember there are some Driver that really encourage draw, and this type of driver would have much Closed Face angle. 

Player should pay more attention to what kind of Driver to choose next time.  It would be really worthwhile to experiment the ball striking with Drivers with different face angles.

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