Wednesday, July 25

Extension, Extension and Extension in Golf Swing

This practice needs to be emphasized over and over again, and the benefit will be greater when players comfortably execute the entire swing from address, take away, back swing, downswing, impact, all the way to follow-through.  Here, a lot of great components are included such as swing arc, swing plane, swing width.

By extension, we mean that stretching out as straight as possible for back swing as well as follow- through.  Many tips and lessons have been provided with each tip with different presentation.


Good extension with the golf swing will encourage a wider golf swing arc. This leads to more power and distance and better contact with the golf ball.  Keeping the arms straight through the takeaway, impact area, and beginning of the follow-through while maintaining good swing extension will more likely to produce straight and powerful ball striking. 

I’d like to introduce what Moe Norman, a legendary Canadian Golfer, has taught long time ago.  As you may remember, he wanted to hit/touch the point with club head straight almost two feet away while taking away the golf club.  This is the first half extension. 
The second half extension would be to hit another point which would be in more than 30 inches forward while doing follow-through.  Imagine how wide and straight the swing path and plane would be.  He used the unique swing postures and methods, and he showed us a lot of great points we can adopt for more solid and straight golf swing. 

Practice more and more on extension until this will be very comfortable and natural to you.  This exercise, without any doubt, will help to generate a great ball striking.

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