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Line up correctly in Golf Swing…

Lining up correctly is another important one that all golfers need to be aware of. As you play more holes in the course it is not uncommon that you may be lining up incorrectly, not straightly to the target or flag on the green.

I found myself to strike a golf ball extremely cleanly, but the ball flies most of time a little bit to the right of target. I could not figure why. But the reason was that I was lining up wrong. My left foot was pointing to the target or flag, which encourages hitting ball to right.

The easy way to make correct line-up is to think of two tracks of rail road. You body and shoulder should point a little bit to the left of target (assuming you are right hand golfer). Try to line up your body in line with lower track of rail road.


Wrist Cocking in Golf – Why is it so important?

I have been sharing my thought and experiences in golf with others for years, and now I think I finally want to add one final insight with other golfers before this season comes to an end in colder region. For those who lives in warm area, you are very fortunate about being able to continue to play the wonderful game of golf.

Most of you, average amateur golfers, may have not paid much attention to this so far – wrist cocking in Golf. If you are one of these golfers, this article will greatly help your game of golf. If you have been using wrist cocking or working on this, please continue to do that.

First, try this. You hold up golf club off the ground and cock (or bend) your wrist toward the direction of backswing. Keep the arm straight, but you cock only the wrist. You may be able to cock the wrist about 40 to 45 degrees. That’s fine. What do you feel in the wrist and hand? You should build the feeling of firmness in the wrist and hand. This feeling and concentration of force will be really the source of power and stability of golf swing from the backswing to downswing and execution.

You will notice that cocking can start almost at the beginning of back swinging, and it will stay as it is even when your club is parallel to ground. Your left arm (assuming you are right hand golfer) is very straight, also. I have been advocating the importance of one plane swing with a left arm very straightly stretched out. Your arm and hand and wrist are gliding along the huge swing plane, one swing plane, which is like a big CD (Computer Disk).

You continue to do backswing by simply turning your body until your front body is almost 90 degree with the ground. At this point your golf club is automatically on the top with straight arm and wrist cocked. Here is one point that you really check it out carefully. At this time the golf club is not necessary parallel to the ground. It would be less than parallel. The arm and golf club will together build V format. You will now build tremendous power in arm and wrist and golf club. I mean TREMENDOUS POWER. This power is ready to explode. Do you have this feel and do you understand this feel?

Now, you simply do the down swing along the swing plane, along the huge swing plane. You strike the ball with such a formidable formation, straight arm with wrist cock and power built in V format.

You strike the ball and ball takes off like a torpedo. Everything will be solid and solid.

Please do some practice with this tip. Game of golf will be more fun and more achieving.


Three right things to do for better Golf this summer

I have been playing golf for over 20 years, and it is still not easy to absorb all thoughts and tips to improve game of golf. There are books and CDs and websites, but I have been thinking of what would be the most important and simple thoughts that can be applied to the game of golf once we are in the course. Here are three ways I’d like to share with everybody who want to improve and maintain stable and solid round of golf in the field.


We all understand that there are strong and weak and neutral grips that can be used for each individual. A strong grip tends to promote the draw, and a weak grip would promote fade or slice. A player can pick and choose a certain grip which will best fit to the ball striking of individual.

One thing I realized that was not emphasized enough is level of pressure of grip. Are you gripping firmly or softly or do not care? Based on the several rounds of playing, I realized that it would be much better and stable if we grip fairly firm. Imagine you are holding the jack sledge hammer. You need to grasp the hammer very firmly to generate power and strength when hammering down the nail. I’d like to suggest that when you grip the golf club please apply reasonably firm pressure and grasp handle fairly firmly. Sometimes the ground of golf course would be dry and hard, and this situation could create the feeling of fear or lacking of confidence. It is very psychological. We can overcome this weak feeling when applying enough pressure to the grip. Try this for driver or iron shot or even putting. Please remember the fairly firm grip.

Swing Plane

One plane golf swing has been discussed in golf circle for some time, but I think the level of understanding has been varying. My focus is rather on the left hand and arm (assuming you are right handed) together with a golf club. Think of one plane golf swing as a huge CD (computer disk) surrounding your body around. The plane of CD is not bent or crooked, but straight and flat. Can you imagine that your swing with left hand simply glides along the surface of CD? I mean your left hand connected to club is as straight as possible and cruise along the CD plane? The focus is on the left hand (assuming you are right handed) which is almost close to the straight line when extended with club. There would not bemultiple (two or more) complicated swing planes, and thus this will definitely help simplify the swing. Golf swing would be much more simple and controlled.


A lot can be talked about finish, but I’d like to emphasize just a couple of points. When you do back swing, please take away club far and far out and make sure the left shoulder touches the chin, which indicates you did full back swing. Your eye should see the ball directly at this time. Now it is time to do down swing to hit the ball. When the club head strikes the ball, please remain your eye on the top of ball and on the divot for a little while. Do not turn your eye and head ahead of hitting. Let the second part of swing after hitting be complete naturally as continuation of a whole swing that has started and moved along the one plane. This will definitely promote the stable and solid ball striking and finish.

Enjoy better golf this summer. Thanks.

One Plane golfswing – Better for consistency!

One Plane swing Golf has drawn a lot of attention lately. But, what is it and how is it defined?

I have been playing golf for over 20 years, but I can not wait to release this simple and wonderful tip and secret to those who have heart and zeal to improve.

One Plane Golfswing is the answer. Make your arm and hand and club shaft as one single straight line as possible, and visualize that a big CD disk surrounds yourself and you just want to swing the club by gliding on the surface of CD.

How to maintain and control the Balance (tempo) of golf swing – Simple Swing Intermediate

We heard so much about balance and control about golf swing - falling back, tilting, not creating forward divots, unstable finish, slicing and hooking. We sometimes find ourselves overloaded with tips and mechanics of golf swing. We studied and practiced before going out to the field, and yet we forget to execute those. We have gone through so much with these both in the fields and out of the fields. Is there any simple answer to resolve these issues and problems?

Here are what finally came with, and hopefully we all can get the benefit from these.

In one word, we want to take a really really brief pause when we are on the top of back-swing before executing down-swing. And we want to bring down arms (i.e. handle) and body TOGETHER. Again, TOGETHER.

How to strike a Golf ball straight and cleanly, and consistently – Simple Swing Advanced

Golf is a different sport from others such as tennis or basketball. Golf is a target game with striking a ball which is paused in the ground. Yet, it is not easy to strike a ball cleanly even though a ball is sitting quietly on the ground.

We all understand that it is not easy to hit the ball perfectly all the time, but we want to minimize the chance of mis-hitting.

Here are some tips that help anybody to strike a ball straight and cleanly.

1. First, Posture. Straighten out your left arm with easiness.

2. Lift up the left shoulder and lower the right shoulder. Do not lean to the right, but make sure your stance is straight up, and lift/lower the shoulders very vertically.

3. While lowering the right shoulder, make sure your right arm is touching the lower/right side of stomach.

4. This form ensures that your starting posture will be almost the same as your posture at the time of striking the ball. This is very important concept because it will reduce the possibility of poor striking.

5. Second, Swing plane. Think of plane that is surrounding your body and the chest and the stomach.

6. Imagine there are three points, one is handle and second is the spot where right arm is touching the stomach, and third one is far right side around your hip.

7. Visualize that these there points are gliding along the swing plane, and make sure the swing plane is aiming the target dead-straight.

8. Do your normal swing. Your left arm should be the guidance and should glide on the swing plane.

9. You can apply this posture to putting as well. You will putt the ball very straight.

10. Practice several times to make this a part your natural swing, and have a confidence. You will see the difference.

Enjoy Golfing to utmost level!!

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How to improve Golf Game – Simple Swing Basic

Do you believe you can unlock your hidden potential by discovering the Golf Swing that is delivering consistent, accurate distance to thousands of golfers world-wide. You can save a bunch of strokes and be extremely competitive, and enjoy ultimate golf.

Let’s find out how to be a real winner with competitive edge!

For Drive, place ball just right off the hill of left foot. For middle irons, put the ball between the left hill and center of stance. For a short iron, put the ball in the middle.

Hold golf club parallel to the ground while standing straight, and bend naturally until club head touches the ground. Maintain the cocking as before.

Think of football shape and divide it up into 4 quadrants. The top right quadrant is the initial quadrant that you will start taking away club from the golf ball and bring it back to the ball point.

Remember the shape of Football. It is not exactly round. Now, Hit the ball and follow through along the shape of left top quadrant.

Finish high. Remember that you stretch out the left arm smoothly enough at the initial addressing, so that left arm stay the same at the time of ball striking as when it left the ball.

Your left arm should be the guidance and should glide on the swing plane along Football’s 4 quadrants.

Practice, so that your swing will be quiet, yet powerful. Have a confidence in your swing.

This is it!!

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