Friday, April 13

Golf Swing Ultimate Tips – Vertical Drop Swing, more with Pendulum Swing

There have been two schools of thought about golf swing.  Traditional thought is that golf swing is closer to being vertical and finishing high.  However, recent thought would be that golf swing is rotational and swing plane would be flatter rather than being vertical.  There are major differences between two thoughts. 

Vertical swing or swing plane will definitely promote and encourage straight ball fly after hitting.  However, rotational swing will tend to be hitting the ball to the right or left because of rotational movement of body and arm but with more power and lack of control. There is no clear reason for this shift of thought, but every player has to understand the pro and cons of two different swings.
This article strongly suggest that Vertical Drop is the right way.

Vertical Drop Swing will be more accurate and encourage the straight ball fly after hitting.  This gives a huge benefit and advantage over the rotational swing. Then, what kind of simple mechanics and tips are involved in this for consistent and repeatable swing?

First. Back swing.

a.       Now back swing has started.  Make sure to recognize the moment when the left hand is reaching exactly over the top of right foot.  At this time, left arm will be very much parallel to the imaginary line that can be drawn with two toes and target point. 

b.       Takeaway (not Rotation) will happen only with using upper body and shoulder, not using lower body or hip, but using very minimal waist turn.

c.       Imagine that your back swing completely stops or pauses for a second.  I would say this is point of lifting.  The left hand which grabs the golf club would be very vertical, almost pointing to the sky vertically at the height of waist.  This point is very important because we will lift the left shoulder and arm and hand together up vertically after this point.

d. Simply lift up the left shoulder along with hand and arm together. This lifting will be extremely important because we want to make sure that the top portion of left shoulder is naturally touching up the bottom of chin. 

e.       Lift up further and further until you reach at the peak of back swing.  Here, at peak, the shaft of golf club does not have be parallel to the ground.  In other words, three quarter swing should be enough to generate enough power with such an accuracy.

f.        Make sure that right hip around right back pocket area does not rotate that much.  It will stay with only minimal rotations, or virtually no rotation at all.

Second, Vertical drop or Down Swing.

a.       We want to use the power of natural gravity from down swing or simply vertical dropping of club.  We want to trigger the powerful dropping of club with natural gravity. 

b.       If possible, we want to minimize the movement of wrist as hard as possible in order to result in such an accurate hitting of golf ball with iron blade or drive head.  The more we use the wrist movement, the lesser the accuracy of ball striking will be.  This is a known fact and this has to be stressed over again and again.

Lastly, Finish.

a.       The Finish will be a series of action, but more or so it would be the same of reverse back swing.

b.       In other words, make sure to recognize when the right hand stretches out and reaches to the left side lifting point (this would be almost symmetric to beginning of back swing).

g.       Likewise, simply lift up right shoulder along with right hand and arm together. Please make sure that the top portion of right shoulder is naturally touching up the bottom of chin. 

c.       Lift up further and further until you reach at the peak, so that you can finish the swing.

d.       Right hand will stay high at around 11 hour clock, not necessary at 12 hour clock.

e.       Body shifting from center to right and back to center and further to left will be done naturally and smoothly.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will have a huge improvement in golf swing this season!

Monday, August 7

Wild shot, why?

Hello friends in Golf!

Do you make a wild shot?  Wild drive or wild iron shot even when you are perfectly positioned on the fairway?  I do, and I wanted to know why I make such shots.  

Please check the following list of scenarios and see if they apply to you:
(1) Re-gripping (squeezing) at the top of back swing.  Do you find yourself do re-gripping or squeezing your palm more in order to hold grip more firmly?  This would be one of major reasons for a wild shot.  If you do squeezing at the top of backswing, there will be a lot of chances to interrupt the angle of club head.  You will hit the ball with totally wrong angle of blade or club head.  This can happen without any knowledge.  One way to fix this type of error is to grip relatively firmly from the beginning.  Or, you can you a bigger/super size grip, so that grip can be attached to the palm and finger with more squeezing.


(2) Do you maintain the same or high level of focus in the back nine?  We normally spend almost 5 hours in the field to complete 18 holes.  These are long hours, and this requires a lot of patience and concentration.  Make sure to maintain the same pre-routine and basic principles you do both in the front nine holes as well as in the back nine. 

(3) Aiming at the target incorrectly.  Please check your foot position and lining up.  As you play more holes, there would be a tendency to be slightly off with aiming.  One way to avoid this would be to use the shaft as a directional guide with holding it closer to chest and pointing to the target.  This will help you make sure you are lining up correctly.  And bend enough as you normally do.  You may get loose with all these basics while you are playing more and more holes. 
Keep focused with the same alert level. 

Please remember that one wild shot can influence many subsequent shots, and the end result can be really disappointing.  You may need to have a deep breath, inhale really deeply and hold breath for a moment and exhale very slowly to maintain focus throughout the plays for almost 5 hours in the course.  Please do this every now and then, especially when playing the back nine!!

My best wishes to your game this summer and enjoy your game more with better score!

Saturday, April 30

New eBook at Kindle - Golf Swing Total Control

Dear friends in Golf:
I want to let you all know of new eBook in Kindle, Golf Swing Total Control.

The book will give fairly simple but profound messages.  I hope you can check it and enjoy it!

Saturday, November 17

Line up correctly…

Lining up correctly is another important one that all golfers need to be aware of. As you play more holes in the course it is not uncommon that you may be lining up incorrectly, not straightly to the target or flag on the green.

I found myself to strike a golf ball extremely cleanly, but the ball flies most of time a little bit to the right of target. I could not figure why. But the reason was that I was lining up wrong. My left foot was pointing to the target or flag, which encourages hitting ball to right.

The easy way to make correct line-up is to think of two tracks of rail road. You body and shoulder should point a little bit to the left of target (assuming you are right hand golfer). Try to line up your body in line with lower track of rail road.


Wrist Cocking in Golf – Why is it so important?

I have been sharing my thought and experiences in golf with others for years, and now I think I finally want to add one final insight with other golfers before this season comes to an end in colder region. For those who lives in warm area, you are very fortunate about being able to continue to play the wonderful game of golf.

Most of you, average amateur golfers, may have not paid much attention to this so far – wrist cocking in Golf. If you are one of these golfers, this article will greatly help your game of golf. If you have been using wrist cocking or working on this, please continue to do that.

First, try this. You hold up golf club off the ground and cock (or bend) your wrist toward the direction of backswing. Keep the arm straight, but you cock only the wrist. You may be able to cock the wrist about 40 to 45 degrees. That’s fine. What do you feel in the wrist and hand? You should build the feeling of firmness in the wrist and hand. This feeling and concentration of force will be really the source of power and stability of golf swing from the backswing to downswing and execution.

You will notice that cocking can start almost at the beginning of back swinging, and it will stay as it is even when your club is parallel to ground. Your left arm (assuming you are right hand golfer) is very straight, also. I have been advocating the importance of one plane swing with a left arm very straightly stretched out. Your arm and hand and wrist are gliding along the huge swing plane, one swing plane, which is like a big CD (Computer Disk).

You continue to do backswing by simply turning your body until your front body is almost 90 degree with the ground. At this point your golf club is automatically on the top with straight arm and wrist cocked. Here is one point that you really check it out carefully. At this time the golf club is not necessary parallel to the ground. It would be less than parallel. The arm and golf club will together build V format. You will now build tremendous power in arm and wrist and golf club. I mean TREMENDOUS POWER. This power is ready to explode. Do you have this feel and do you understand this feel?

Now, you simply do the down swing along the swing plane, along the huge swing plane. You strike the ball with such a formidable formation, straight arm with wrist cock and power built in V format.

You strike the ball and ball takes off like a torpedo. Everything will be solid and solid.

Please do some practice with this tip. Game of golf will be more fun and more achieving.


Three right things to do for better Golf this summer

I have been playing golf for over 20 years, and it is still not easy to absorb all thoughts and tips to improve game of golf. There are books and CDs and websites, but I have been thinking of what would be the most important and simple thoughts that can be applied to the game of golf once we are in the course. Here are three ways I’d like to share with everybody who want to improve and maintain stable and solid round of golf in the field.


We all understand that there are strong and weak and neutral grips that can be used for each individual. A strong grip tends to promote the draw, and a weak grip would promote fade or slice. A player can pick and choose a certain grip which will best fit to the ball striking of individual.

One thing I realized that was not emphasized enough is level of pressure of grip. Are you gripping firmly or softly or do not care? Based on the several rounds of playing, I realized that it would be much better and stable if we grip fairly firm. Imagine you are holding the jack sledge hammer. You need to grasp the hammer very firmly to generate power and strength when hammering down the nail. I’d like to suggest that when you grip the golf club please apply reasonably firm pressure and grasp handle fairly firmly. Sometimes the ground of golf course would be dry and hard, and this situation could create the feeling of fear or lacking of confidence. It is very psychological. We can overcome this weak feeling when applying enough pressure to the grip. Try this for driver or iron shot or even putting. Please remember the fairly firm grip.

Swing Plane

One plane golf swing has been discussed in golf circle for some time, but I think the level of understanding has been varying. My focus is rather on the left hand and arm (assuming you are right handed) together with a golf club. Think of one plane golf swing as a huge CD (computer disk) surrounding your body around. The plane of CD is not bent or crooked, but straight and flat. Can you imagine that your swing with left hand simply glides along the surface of CD? I mean your left hand connected to club is as straight as possible and cruise along the CD plane? The focus is on the left hand (assuming you are right handed) which is almost close to the straight line when extended with club. There would not bemultiple (two or more) complicated swing planes, and thus this will definitely help simplify the swing. Golf swing would be much more simple and controlled.


A lot can be talked about finish, but I’d like to emphasize just a couple of points. When you do back swing, please take away club far and far out and make sure the left shoulder touches the chin, which indicates you did full back swing. Your eye should see the ball directly at this time. Now it is time to do down swing to hit the ball. When the club head strikes the ball, please remain your eye on the top of ball and on the divot for a little while. Do not turn your eye and head ahead of hitting. Let the second part of swing after hitting be complete naturally as continuation of a whole swing that has started and moved along the one plane. This will definitely promote the stable and solid ball striking and finish.

Enjoy better golf this summer. Thanks.

One Plane golfswing – Better for consistency!

One Plane swing Golf has drawn a lot of attention lately. But, what is it and how is it defined?

I have been playing golf for over 20 years, but I can not wait to release this simple and wonderful tip and secret to those who have heart and zeal to improve.

One Plane Golfswing is the answer. Make your arm and hand and club shaft as one single straight line as possible, and visualize that a big CD disk surrounds yourself and you just want to swing the club by gliding on the surface of CD.