Saturday, November 17

Wrist Cocking in Golf – Why is it so important?

I have been sharing my thought and experiences in golf with others for years, and now I think I finally want to add one final insight with other golfers before this season comes to an end in colder region. For those who lives in warm area, you are very fortunate about being able to continue to play the wonderful game of golf.

Most of you, average amateur golfers, may have not paid much attention to this so far – wrist cocking in Golf. If you are one of these golfers, this article will greatly help your game of golf. If you have been using wrist cocking or working on this, please continue to do that.

First, try this. You hold up golf club off the ground and cock (or bend) your wrist toward the direction of backswing. Keep the arm straight, but you cock only the wrist. You may be able to cock the wrist about 40 to 45 degrees. That’s fine. What do you feel in the wrist and hand? You should build the feeling of firmness in the wrist and hand. This feeling and concentration of force will be really the source of power and stability of golf swing from the backswing to downswing and execution.

You will notice that cocking can start almost at the beginning of back swinging, and it will stay as it is even when your club is parallel to ground. Your left arm (assuming you are right hand golfer) is very straight, also. I have been advocating the importance of one plane swing with a left arm very straightly stretched out. Your arm and hand and wrist are gliding along the huge swing plane, one swing plane, which is like a big CD (Computer Disk).

You continue to do backswing by simply turning your body until your front body is almost 90 degree with the ground. At this point your golf club is automatically on the top with straight arm and wrist cocked. Here is one point that you really check it out carefully. At this time the golf club is not necessary parallel to the ground. It would be less than parallel. The arm and golf club will together build V format. You will now build tremendous power in arm and wrist and golf club. I mean TREMENDOUS POWER. This power is ready to explode. Do you have this feel and do you understand this feel?

Now, you simply do the down swing along the swing plane, along the huge swing plane. You strike the ball with such a formidable formation, straight arm with wrist cock and power built in V format.

You strike the ball and ball takes off like a torpedo. Everything will be solid and solid.

Please do some practice with this tip. Game of golf will be more fun and more achieving.


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