Saturday, November 17

How to improve Golf Game – Simple Swing Basic

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Let’s find out how to be a real winner with competitive edge!

For Drive, place ball just right off the hill of left foot. For middle irons, put the ball between the left hill and center of stance. For a short iron, put the ball in the middle.

Hold golf club parallel to the ground while standing straight, and bend naturally until club head touches the ground. Maintain the cocking as before.

Think of football shape and divide it up into 4 quadrants. The top right quadrant is the initial quadrant that you will start taking away club from the golf ball and bring it back to the ball point.

Remember the shape of Football. It is not exactly round. Now, Hit the ball and follow through along the shape of left top quadrant.

Finish high. Remember that you stretch out the left arm smoothly enough at the initial addressing, so that left arm stay the same at the time of ball striking as when it left the ball.

Your left arm should be the guidance and should glide on the swing plane along Football’s 4 quadrants.

Practice, so that your swing will be quiet, yet powerful. Have a confidence in your swing.

This is it!!

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